My name is Tracy-Ann, otherwise known as Curly Lulu (long story.....I'll explain another time!) and I am the creator and maker of The Pants Gang.

In my day job as a teacher of small people, I have come to know that pants are funny! Just the word 'Pants' is brilliant and can send all little beings (and big ones!) into giggles. Pants, knickers, shorts,bloomers, kecks - call them whatever you want....ITS FUNNY! When you get new pants, it's very exciting (again big people agree!) and the idea of going out in just your pants is hilarious ( and tempting)!

Therefore the idea of The Pants Gang was born. They let me do the thing I love to do the most...sewing and messing around with fabric and buttons. If we can't go out in just our pants, then we can live vicariously through The Pants Gang. They can go anywhere in just their pants....and it is all up to you where they get to go!

I make these cheeky little beings in my own 'girl shed' at home in the sunny city of Brighton and Hove. When not making beings in pants, I love ice cream, sunny days, fabric hoarding and have a serious condition of button keeping! I am also especially fond of jelly babies. 



If you wish to become the owner of one of The Pants Gang then please visit my Etsy shop to see the full range.